About House Makai

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Michael Makai is the author of the Amazon best-seller, “Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook” available at booksellers everywhere.

House Makai is D/s polyamorous family of choice structured as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt foundation for polyamory research and education.  It is administered by Michael Makai, who serves as Dominant & Chief Executive Officer (DCEO).

The House is comprised of:

The House  Council, which serves as the Board of Directors of the family corporation.

Trainees, who are learning the requisite skills for a possible future  role in the management of the House.

Proteges, those who  enjoy the guidance and protection of the House and its resources, as appropriate and necessary.  (Note:  All trainees are also considered to be proteges, but not all proteges are trainees.)

Associate Memberswho are considered loyal friends of the House and are treated as family, to the greatest extent possible.

The ultimate goals of House Makai are:

  •  To provide mutual support and a sense of belonging to like-minded individuals who are willing and able to embrace a complex, yet rewarding, poly D/s  relationship dynamic.
  • To seek out entrepreneurial opportunities which will provide House members with good jobs, professional experience, personal growth, comfortable incomes, and independence.  At the same time, these business ventures will serve as the financial foundation for all House operations.  The first of these business ventures are Makai Publishing and Makai Media Services.
  • To establish Ohana Village as a place where all House members can feel welcome, whether it is used as a permanent home, a temporary refuge, or as a vacation destination.
  • To conduct polyamory research and education, to include the publication of a series of books on this topic, and the establishment of a publishing house to support up-and-coming authors in this genre.

What House Makai is NOT:

  • House Makai is not a religious group, free-love commune, or a sex cult.  It is simply a family of choice.  For some of our members, it may be the only family they’ve ever really experienced.  For others, the House provides something their biological families are incapable of giving: acceptance judgment-free support, and love.
  • House Makai is not all about BDSM or Domination/submission.   It is simply a family of like-minded individuals who acknowledge and desire more of a D/s relationship dynamic in their lives.  Being a Dominant isn’t about sex, it’s about controlling one’s environment, being self-disciplined, and providing leadership.  Likewise, being a submissive isn’t all about sex, it’s about needing a relationship partner who provides true guidance and leadership.
  • House Makai isn’t a free-ride.  Members will be expected (at some point) to invest their time, energy, and resources to help the House to attain some of its goals.


Not all House members are able to have their photos publicly associated with the House at this time, but the following is a sampling of those who have given their permission to do so:


One thought on “About House Makai”

  1. I am intrigued. I have just now discovered this site, thanks to some research a dear friend was doing for me concerning Polyamory and Line Marriage. I have for years espoused the ideals you appear to have realized. I am not so much oriented to D/S as to Polyamory, although we practice both.
    Chazz Vincent


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