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Saturday, March 22, 2014
Welcome to House Makai!  You are witnessing the beginnings of what could well become an epic experiment in poly D/s living.   House Makai is a real-life prototype of Robert Heinlein’s line marriage concept.   Our plan is for House Makai to continue to grow and prosper long after each of us has passed away, creating a marriage that could theoretically last hundreds or even thousands of years.  It’s an ambitious project, to be sure, but our task at hand now is simply to get organized, get acquainted, and get busy accomplishing great things.

house-logoHouse Makai and this website went “live” on Saturday, March 22, 2014.  One of the first orders of business will be to complete the work on these pages, and to create opportunities for members of the House to become acquainted with each other to the greatest extent possible.

If you are a member of House Makai, please complete a bio of yourself that would be appropriate for your House Profile page.  A handy-dandy template has been provided for you here.   Copy-paste the template to your word-processing application, edit it as needed, and then send the completed form to me at this email address:

Please keep in mind that supplying any public profile information is OPTIONAL.  You may choose to provide only partial information, redacted information, or none at all.  It’s entirely your choice.

Additionally, we will be providing all members space on this website for blogging and journaling.  If you have a creative flair, or would simply like to keep a record of your journey and experiences with the House, stay tuned for details on how you’ll be able to do that here.

Questions? Comments?  I can’t wait to hear them! 🙂

Michael Makai

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