The Protocols of House Makai

Protocol #1 shall be referred to as “The Prime Directive.”  

1.   Be nice.  This doesn’t mean be nice just to the people you like, or be nice when it’s easy.  It means be nice even when it’s hard, and to people who probably don’t deserve it.  Not only will this make you a better person, and create a more enjoyable emotional environment for everyone, but you will be happier in the long run for it.  You represent House Makai, and it is important to us all that you represent us well.

2.  Be honest.  You don’t need to tell everyone everything there is to know about you, but we would like to think that what you do tell us is substantially true.  Please don’t insult anyone’s intelligence with falsehoods.  We have some very, very smart people here.  If you are in doubt about the veracity of something you are about to say, say nothing at all.

3.  Mind your manners.  Manners are a big deal in this House; a very big deal.  Everyone should be treated respectfully and addressed according to their wishes.  When in doubt about how to address someone, ask them.  Michael should be addressed as Master only by His collared ones, and as Sir or Daddy (as appropriate) by all other members of the House.  All others, including strangers, should be initially addressed as Sir or Ma’am until otherwise informed of their preferences.

4.  Respect the privacy of our members.  Not everyone has the luxury of being able to live a poly D/s lifestyle out in the open.   Respect that.  Asking for real names, addresses, or other potentially identifying information can be problematic, and can cause some people a great deal of anxiety.   If someone wants to share private information with you, it should be done privately, and that info should be treated as highly sensitive information entrusted to you and you alone.

5.  Don’t be a drama-llama.  This House exists to make our lives easier, better, and happier.  Creating or fueling drama runs counter to that goal.  You may not be able to control everything that happens to you in this life, but you can control how you react to it.  Gossip, backbiting, and negativity have no place here.  Have a complaint about someone?  Take it directly to that person whenever possible.  If you feel it isn’t possible or appropriate to do so, see a member of the House Council.

6.  Familiarize yourself with the musings and rants of Michael Makai.  There is no better way to understand his leadership style or the unique culture of House Makai.  Highly recommended are:

7.  Each member of this House represents us to the public, however only the House Council is authorized to speak for the House in any official capacity or to conduct business on behalf of the House.

8.  Serious discussion and/or decision-making should take place before 11 pm local time for all parties involved.  The quality and rationality of decisions made after that hour is almost always extremely poor.

9.  Adding Members:  Members are added to the House only after a probationary period of at least 90 days and a full vote of the House membership.

10.  The House Council membership will  be comprised of the board of directors of the House Makai Corporation, to be published in the House by-laws and articles of incorporation.



There will be other protocols added to this list as appropriate and as they are decided by the House Council.  Please feel free to make suggestions or provide feedback to any member of the Council!

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