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Amy has been a protege of House Makai since 3/22/2014.

Real Name: Amy Diktynna


Location: Atlanta, GA

About Me:   With a degree in engineering and math, my career has ranged from systems engineering and contract R&D through software development and business IT. My current professional interests and direction lie in data and information security.

Devoutly pagan, I have been a Wiccan priestess and legal minister for almost 20 years. In that time, I have seen polyamory be successful in the pagan community. Unfortunately, it has also been used as an excuse for self-indulgent predation. The difference, I feel, lies in open and honest communication or the lack thereof.

Although a polyamorous relationship is not a religious or ideological group, it may be helpful to use an evaluation tool written in the 1970’s by Isaac Bonewits, the late neopagan Druid, to assess the relative safety or danger of a teacher or religious group. The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame ( has been used by many, including the FBI and the South African government, to rank the risks associated with both Bible-based cults and minority religions. Over the years, I have found it useful.

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