Kel Walters

kel-200x200bKel Walters

Associate Member of  House Makai since 3/22/2014

Protege since 7/2/2014.

Location:  Dallas, TX

Born February 12, 1994 – – Died January 16, 2015

kel1House Makai and indeed the world lost a valiant soul in Kel Walters Friday Night (1/16/15) in a despicable hit-and-run incident as she was crossing the street in a crosswalk near her home in Arlington, TX.  I refuse to dignify this incident by calling it a tragic “accident.”  To say I’m angry about this amazing girl’s life being cut short in this fashion would an understatement of immense proportions.  I can’t even imagine what kind of detestable slime-ball would run down a woman crossing the street, and then drive off, leaving her to die.  No one – no one – deserves to die all alone in the dark on the cold, hard pavement.

She was carrying no identification when she embarked on a moonlight walk to get some fresh air and to think about the many big changes that were about to happen in her life.  Next week, she was leaving for Morocco for a university work-study program. She was both thrilled at the prospect of this impending adventure, but knew she would miss the people she loved and her cat, “The Doctor.”  Her 21st birthday was just 3 weeks away. She’d been not-so-patiently waiting for this birthday for as long as I’d known her, and now she would be celebrating it in a place where the notion of a young woman going out to a bar to celebrate was unthinkable.  Yes, she had a lot on her mind… and perhaps that’s why she didn’t think to take her identification with her when she left the apartment.  As a result, her family and loved ones were not informed of the tragic incident that took her life until the following morning. Need I point this out as a painful lesson-learned to anyone? I hope not.

I know Kel’s relationship partners Shorty and Arthur must be reeling from this as if from a kick to the stomach.  I know the members of House Makai surely are. Kel had met and interacted with more members of our House than anyone.  In addition to me, she’d met Bead, Anna, Kitten, former member Andi, and even Jade’s teenage son.  She made an indelible impression on everyone she met; she was, in a word, unforgettable.  I loved her unconditionally, no strings attached, uncaring who or how many others she loved, and I know that she loved us in her own unique way, as well.  We are all devastated by her passing.  The world has lost a valiant spirit.

Kal with Anna in Paris.
Kel with Trinity
Kel with Kitten/Trinity in Dallas.
Kel, as she appeared the day we met (Gilligan’s, Arlington TX)
Kel Walters, Dreamer… Crusader… the ORIGINAL Warrior Princess
Kel told me she didn’t like this picture. But I did, because I thought it showed her as compellingly beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside.

We’ll miss you, Kel.  More than you can possibly imagine.

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