LB Shaw

lb-200x200bLB Shaw has been a protege of House Makai since 3/22/2014.

Real Name: LB Shaw

Location:  USA


About Me:

What happens when a naturally rebellious girl is raised in the south by two exceptionally religious parents? Let’s take a look, shall we? For the whole fam, attending church was never optional, which was really fine by me until I was about eighteen. Before that, it was a great way to hang out with friends, crush on guys, and meet up with my boyfriend. He was my first love, and some of the things we did together, I will never forget. Those first love memories—the nights he pulled out his window A/C unit so I could climb through and lie in his bed and listen to the low hum as we did what teenagers do—will remain forever etched in my psyche. I never did quite figure out why he didn’t let me in through the front door because his dad was gone and his mom worked nights. I think we did it for the sheer thrill of it.

Most of my normal childhood activities ranged from swimming, horseback riding, and music all the way to the abnormal stuff like breaking into my neighbors homes to steal Krispy Kreme donuts and play with my friend’s dolls. Yes, I really did that. I think I wasn’t challenged enough or maybe I was bored. So I ended up getting into trouble here and there.

I also recall with painful clarity drinking fertilizer when I was about six. It smelled so heavenly. To this day, I tease my mom that I must have been a crack baby because what kind of person thinks that shit smells good? Anyway, I remember mom running around the yard screaming before rushing me to the hospital to promptly have my stomach pumped. Ahhh… good times. Incidentally, I didn’t get a spanking for that, but I do think my mom got a little mad at me, cause come on. I could have died.

After surviving childhood, then college, and NOT managing to hit on every professor I had (I pretty much had the hots for all of them cause that’s my ‘thing’—authority), I got my little ‘ole degree in Biology and immediately went to work as a lab tech at an animal hospital. That five-doctor practice in Charlotte was probably one of the best places I’ve ever worked, and I miss those guys immensely.

After working as a vet tech for fifteen years with a couple of brief stints working with autistic children and adults, and as an animal husbandry tech for RJReynolds, I got sick of being bitten, clawed, scratched, kicked, punched, and randomly taken advantage of. Plus, the animals were rough on me. I traded the syringes and catheters for the pen and paper and have never looked back.

P.S. If you or someone you know is thinking of becoming a vet tech, let me tell you, it’s not staring at cute puppies and kittens all day. It’s watching sick cats go agonal as they take their last breath; it’s watching dogs writhe in pain from every cell in their bodies rupturing after drinking anti-freeze; it’s listening to Miss Jones pet her Persian cat “Fluffy-Wuffy” for fifteen minutes and tell him that he better be a good boy while mommy’s gone or else she’ll throw him out the window when she gets back into town. It’s not all glam. Trust me. At best, it’s entertainment, but at the end of the day, you still have to go home covered in shit, piss, and vomit, and you’re sore as a mother from head to toe. If you want to spend your life doing this, volunteer at your local shelter. Those places need help BAD. Plus the pay is about the same.

Anyhoozle, so now I’m married to probably one of the most supportive men I have ever known. We each have one offspring from a previous marriage and they are the most adorable, crazy, fun-loving, sweet, precious, cute, loyal, and dim-witted kids I know. I’m pretty lucky. They’re also pre-teens so my life pretty much sucks half the time. Ha! What can I say? Friends and family know me as a non-conformist, goofy, but sometimes serious and contemplative individual. I think those in my house also view me as a calming, quiet strength. So yeah, I turned out okay in case you’re wondering.

I self-published my first erotic romance series last year, as well as a BDSM novella, and am currently working on a couple of other projects. I’ve recently begun to slowly transition (or quickly, depending on how you look at it) into writing dark fiction and horror. I’m sure it will be a little challenging, as most of my followers and fellow authors expect the erotic from me, but the dark is who I am. I am embracing it and hope that my readers and new followers will enjoy what I put out there.

OH! I also do a little sculpting here and there, so you might see me post some of those projects on occasion. Thanks for reading!


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