trin-300x300Ohana-kitten has been a protege of House Makai since 4/22/2014.

Real Name: Trin

Birthdate: 12/29/1988

Location:  Duncan, OK

About Me:

*i use to think i was just plain and ordinary,
but i’ve met someone who tells me i’m pretty and i believe it without a doubt.

*i am addicted to Dr.Pepper, but now i drink straight water more often then not because i want to be healthy so i can enjoy life with my new family longer.

*i never would say if i was uncomfortable with something, now i know if i say the word it will stop.

*i’ve never had someone care for my safety, now i have many friends and a family that cares if i so much as freak out.

*i use to always hide in a corner, i’m not allowed to anymore someone will grab my hand and say come with me and let’s chill.

*i use to have to hide my tears for when i was alone, i’m not as afraid for them to be seen now because they are more out of happiness than sadness

*i use to walk with my head down because i was ashamed of who i was, i walk tall because i know there are People who are proud of me and what i am doing with my life.

*i use to dress like a boy, i am no longer afraid to be a woman and look good with or without makeup; i now know i am wanted.

*i use to just do whatever came across my mind, now i get counsel about it before doing something stupid.

*i have always cared for those around me, now i know i have to care for myself as well.

*i was ready to just settle for anything, now i will only settle for everything that’s important.

*i use to allow anyone to walk all over me, now i stand my ground and challenge people over what i know is right.

*i use to be so “laid back” that i allowed myself to be a victim, try and make me a victim now you will pay for it.

*i use to allow my depression to control me, i fight it now doing what i can to make myself better.

*i use to never talk to strangers, now many of those strangers are my family and guess what – we’ve got each others’ backs, and they are crazy as hell. i don’t mind that a bit, it means they understand me.

*i use to be ashamed of being me and standing for me, i’ve changed, i care more, love fiercer, scream louder, play harder, and fight like i have claws, i do not back down when you challenge my ethics anymore. I have a higher standard then i use to, if you don’t meet them, i’m not concerned with you.

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