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What is Polyamory?  Franklin Veaux,  edited by Eve Rickert

Polyamory 101,

The Polyamory Quiz, Michael Makai

Benefits of a Poly Relationship, Southern California Polyamory Meetup Group

Monogamous People in Poly Relationships,

Polyamory Common Mistakes,

Polyamory Dos and Don’ts,

How to Screw Up a Poly Relationship,  Florida Poly Retreat 2008

Polyamory LanguageSouthern California Polyamory Meetup Group

Practical Jealousy ManagementFlorida Poly Retreat 2006

D/s Lifestyle

The BDSM Quiz, Michael Makai

The Primal Quiz, Michael Makai

D/s Radio on You Tube

D/s Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Michael Makai

Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook

Michael Makai: Unapologetically Dominant

Domination & Submission Website

Michael Makai Event Calendar

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